September 19, 2009

Where've you been?

I can't believe it's been a month and a half since I've written anything other than a Facebook status update or an email at work. To all of you who wonder what the heck is going on and am I still working out and all that, hopefully this will answer some of those questions.

Right now, in our photography business we are in full-swing... it's wedding season which is our busy season. This is our first really busy season so we didn't really know what to expect. Then, throw in my new promotion at work (thank you very much) that brought on a new schedule for me which makes the homelife time even less. Oh, and of course... we have Audrey, 3 months old today:) Combine all those together and I have a busy thing going on! But then again, who isn't busy?!

I've continued my 16 floor climb every morning at work and I walk about a mile and a half to and from the bus... and honestly, that's the extent of my actual "workouts". I still watch what I eat, or rather, I continue to eat a helluvalot better than I used to... I also throw in the occasional push-up/sit-up set a few times a week. Shooting a wedding has proven to be quite the exercise, too.

With all this put together, I've found a happy(ish) medium where I don't gain but rarely lose. I'm maintaining at 212 right now. It's not too exciting to talk about and rarely do I feel motivated to write something on here because there's just not much to tell... but for the sake of an update. I'm doing well:)

Hope you all are as well!!!
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