October 2, 2009

Namesake Post

I've seen it. I saw it often as it flew past and landed on a chubbier number. But, today... it stopped. It stopped on 210. I stepped off, stepped back on...still 210. I silently motioned for Sally to come look, to give me a positive affirmation that the number that was actually on the scale is the same elusive number I've been longing to reach. And, it was.

I remember that chilly fall morning as Sally and I were backing out of her parent's Chuckanut house and in the rear view mirror I saw, on the windshield of the Mule, the number 210 written in the snow. Dennis, who coined the phrase and also urged me to SEE it, had used his finger to carve out the numbers. He must've seen something in me because I launched into a nearly year long battle to lose all this weight and I have absolutely no plans of ever returning!!!

Thank you to all who have read this blog throughout the year. You've inspired me to keep on pushing myself and in turn "inspire" you, well, some of you... but, it's still an awesome feeling to know I have my "work-out" family to support me whenever I need it! What a ride it's been.

So what's next? I don't know. As cool as it is/was to see 210, it was a bit anti-climatic. I mean, it's really just a number on the scale. For all I know, maybe now I'm just a skinnier fat dude, you know?! My goal's now are less weight oriented and more fitness oriented but mostly maintenance oriented. The blog? I'm not sure... maybe when it slows down a little more I can get back into writing and finding new inspiration.

Till then... I'm signing off (as I've said in the last 3 posts:)...



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