August 3, 2009

"Didn't you have a beard?"

I've been running into random people here and there that are finding it hard to put their fingers on what has changed about me. For people that have been near me the change has been gradual and almost non-noticeable... but, there are others that I've met once or twice before that when I saw them again they didn't even notice me.

This last weekend, Sally and I did a photo shoot for a family that won a portrait package we donated for a charity auction (same family won it last year). We walked up and said hellos and the guy looked at me a little cockeyed and said "didn't you have a beard last year?" I said, "maybe... but, I've also lost a little weight!" He was shocked and we all discussed it for a few minutes. He said he didn't even recognize me, "you look really different".

I have found that sometimes people don't want to come right out and ask if I've lost a lot of weight and hide behind a question about some other trivial part of my appearance... then there are others who think I was a different person. Both are great to hear, and both make me feel like this is all worth it!

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  1. That feeling never really wears off for me!

    I've regained a bit this year but I'm still a massive amount of weight down overall and yesterday someone I haven't seen in a while was really shocked when they realised it was me.


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