July 23, 2009

A New Low

But, not in a bad way... I realized after writing the title to this post that it could be misleading, but never fear, the new low I've hit was on the scale. Two-eleven, to be exact. I'm getting back into this quietly. I have (once again) had to re-evaluate my eating habits that I thought I had so in control.

Just because I'm finding it hard to find time to write doesn't mean I've given up. I've got my partner-in-crime back (Sally) and I'm so excited about that. It has rejuvenated me and given me hope again...I thought I may be destined for the 215 mark forever (which goes against everything I have learned and written about). It's my typical problem areas that have creeped up on me, slowly and finally made themselves known.

You know how it is when you achieve something? That feeling of "I made that goal and achieved it, what's next?" It all snowballs from there... new goals, new feelings of accomplishment leads to even bigger stretch goals and absolute elation. My body is abuzz with the possibilities I've just reached.

Two-eleven. I'm almost there... next goal (this shouldn't be news though)...sub 200.

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