July 17, 2009

Too Busy to Blog

I am taking a temporary hiatus from writing so I can get through this big event at work. The biggest day is over and it should calm down next week. Tomorrow morning we are coming downtown to the Flagship Nordstrom store to walk and walk and walk while the girls shop and shop and shop. So, in a way it's going to be a great workout:)

I hope you guys are enjoying the wonderful weather. I suppose I have to pass one little tidbit of encouragement on to you... this last winter I made myself a promise, actually I made it known that I was going to lose weight during the holidays. This forced me to reconsider that third cookie or 7th beer... it all resulted in a few pounds lost during the biggest food consumption time of the year. Hey, if you want to rock out all summer long on jerky and cheap beer I kind of understand but just remember...if you want it to stop it's totally up to you. And, it's totally doable! Don't feel like "just because it's the holiday (or summer)" that you are destined to pack it on...it doesn't have to be that way:)

Talk to you in a while.

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