July 4, 2009

Morning Jog

This morning I was awoken by my lovely little 2 week old passing gas about 1 foot from my head. Not so pleasant. After changing her and taking her back to mommy to be fed I looked over at my alarm clock to see that it was just about 6am. Hmmm...time for a morning jog.

I geared up and hit the road. I gave myself a rude awakening by forcing myself to jog up a rather steep hill during the first half mile. After I was up it the rest of the jog was quite easy. I took a different route this morning and it was nice to see some different neighborhoods. It was also nice to go so early in the morning because there are less cars and it's a lot less hot out. Today it's supposed to be mid to upper 80's, maybe 90.

My last post was about how I'm easing back into things... I realized last night (hence the morning guilt run) that I'm still hiding from what needs to be done. I'm still making excuses for myself. Instead of easing in I've been standing on the edge of the pool contemplating, maybe dipping my toe every once-in-a-while.

This morning was another toe dip. Hopefully I can jump right in soon because I feel like the fat kid again and that's annoying. I've come too far to feel like that again!

For those of you who celebrate the 4th of July, enjoy, and have a safe one! For those of you who don't...have a great weekend anyways:)

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