June 25, 2009

Easing Back In

I've gotten the eating back under control...a hard thing to do when there are so many people bringing over such fantastic meals! Then, I woke up and knew what needed to happen. No more making excuses and hiding behind this little 8 lb bundle of joy... today I had to go jogging. I've missed the feel of the street and the dull burn of my legs, I missed that feeling you get just moments after the final big breath of the cool down and most importantly I missed moving. I just haven't moved much in the last 2 weeks.

From a tip I received from a neighbor of mine, Natosha, I set out on a new route. A new chapter in my life should be celebrated with a jog around town in a different direction. I'm easing myself into it...that run was 3.25 miles and took me all over the place. There is an interurban trail in North Seattle and it was great...hardly anyone on the path and if you can get past the cemetery on your right and the power lines on your left it's an absolute joy to run where you know you can't be run over by horrible Seattle drivers.

So, today I woke and thought I'd head out early in the morning. As the morning went on I realized it's going to be a late afternoon jog, no biggie. I then thought I might hit up old faithful...my 5 miler. I spoke to my father-in-law, Dennis, and he reminded me that there is no rush to getting back into it. Why push yourself so hard that you don't want to head back out? OK, I'm heeding his advice. I've dropped my jog down to a 3-mile loop this afternoon...it'll be nice to get a second warm-up jog before I hit the road for a long one.

Here is the loop that I ran yesterday...I will probably go on this one quite a few more times...what I also love about it is that it's very expandable...I can add a few miles easily without disrupting the natural loop. Love it!

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