June 8, 2009

100 Push-Ups : Final Update

I opened my mouth a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to wonder if it was what I said that is making baby not want to come out. I mentioned that I made a goal of doing 100 consecutive push-ups before baby was born! Idiot...who puts that kind of pressure on their self (or their unborn child) but me?!

Last night I finished my 3rd day of week 6...the final day of the prep. All I have left to do now is 100 push-ups. I'm ready. I've taken all the necessary steps and it's on me now. What will it take to succeed? Ugh. One thing I noticed right away when I'm doing a long set like that is I get extremely bored and agitated. I'm not even really tired and I want to give up because it's an annoying motion to keep going through. Hard to explain but my goal is to put that all aside, put it behind me so I can finish this little challenge. Maybe tonight I'll give it my first shot!? Seconds after I finished my 9 sets of over 245 push-ups, Sally looked at me, congratulated me then said... "Oh great, now you can finish and do your 100 tomorrow?!" I laughed.

So, maybe tonight then? One thing that I'm excited about and gives me confidence is that after a big night of push-ups I awoke to little or no pain. My muscles have no recollection of the stress put on them last night. I kind of wanted to be sore to prove that what I've been doing is not going unnoticed by my own body...hmmm. I'm over it.

Wish me luck...and if you are just starting this challenge...keep at it. It's flipping hard at times but you will be SO surprised at what your body is capable of. I remember on week 3 looking at week 6 and thinking, "oh hell no, there is no way!!"

I'm on the third week of Sit-ups and am about to start the squats! I'm excited:)

Good luck to the newbies...Cheri, Dennis, Chris and Natosha! Let me know how you guys are doing!! I'm gonna keep you honest right here on this little blog of mine:)


  1. Okay, you'd better get this done because if baby is waiting for you... well, you know what I'm thinking!!!

  2. Yikes, Jeff! I see you're calling me out right here in front of the world. :)
    Tomorrow is my end-of-week-four test for max squats. I'll let you know how it goes. Or I'll talk to you tonight sometime (know what I mean?)
    Mom C

  3. I just restarted the 100 pushups thing myself. Doing the squats as well so hopefully your example will keep me going.

  4. holy cow! starting all three at once is not a good idea....but we did or initial test on monday and our first official day (started at week 3) yesterday!

  5. Mom C...yes, I hope it's soon! I'm going to try to hit 100 tonight using some music so I don't get bored or stop because I sound tired:)

    Andrew...let me know how it goes for ya! I'm about to start the squats! I'm onto week 4 of sit-ups:)

    Natosha...that sounds rough...are you guys spacing them out (every other day)?

    It's so much fun hearing how everyone is doing with this challenge:)


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